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  • May 1, 2010
    Sales will begin in August, 2010. A profitable opening sale is done.

Welcome to Detox Patch.

Direct sale Web site of Detox Patch producing company in Japan.

Welcome to Detox Patch.

The Detox Patch producing company in Japan has managed this Web site.

Today, Detox Patch are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Many overseas distributors, however, only handle Detox Patch made in Japan. Japanese-made Detox Patch are popular because of their quality. For this reason, some Detox Patch made elsewhere falsely state that they are made-in-Japan. Even among Japanese-made Detox Patch, the quality and effectiveness vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. Although we weren't the first company that developed and manufactured Detox Patch, our Detox Patch manufacturing knowhow is now sought by our competitors.

Please try our Detox Patch.

Detox Patch basis of selection with good performance.

Do you know how to assess the effectiveness of a Detox Patch ?

There is only one criterion for choosing good Detox Patch.

  • The criterion is how much moisture they absorb !

You can compare the difference by applying different Detox Patch to the same part of your body. The wetter the Detox Patch gets, the better.
 Some Detox Patch company websites show photos of used Detox Patch with black stains, with captions saying that a large quantity of waste matter is absorbed. The black color of the stains, however, is not the color of the waste matter absorbed from your body. It is only Detox Patch material that became wet and turned black.
 Any Detox Patch manufacturer can make their used sheets black. Manufacturing Detox Patch that absorb much moisture requires advanced manufacturing technology. The quantity of moisture itself cannot be faked.

So, when buying Detox Patch, choose Detox Patch that get wetter.

Our Detox Patch peculiarity.

Our Detox Patch peculiarity is as follows.
  •  It gets wet wet very much.
  •  The smell is few.
  •  Three grade lineup.

It gets wet wet very much.

Our Detox Patch gets wet very much. Many customers are impressed by the quantity of moisture that our Detox Patch absorb. They are also impressed by how refreshed they feel after using our Detox Patch.

We intensively researched Detox Patch and their effects on the human body to develop our highly effective products. We significantly improved the effectiveness of Detox Patch by applying what we learned from our research to the manufacturing processes.

The smell is few.

In order to improve the effectiveness, the density of bamboo vinegar (chikusaku-eki) and wood vinegar (mokusaku-eki), which are used to manufacture Detox Patch, must be increased. Bamboo vinegar and wood vinegar, however, have very strong odors. Odors increase when the density is increased, making them unsuitable for Detox Patch.

We improved the effectiveness of our Detox Patch significantly, while reducing these unwanted odors. We recommend our products to people who detest the odor of conventional Detox Patch. We are proud of having improved the effectiveness of our Detox Patch while reducing the unwanted odors.

Three grade lineup.

Three grades of Detox Patch are available, from affordably priced products for everyday use to high quality products with the highest possible effectiveness.

In each grade, products combined with skin-care ingredients are also available. You can use these in the same way as our usual products. Choose a product that contains your favorite skin-care ingredients.

About each grade of Detox Patch.

Detox Patch is three grade lineup.

Our Detox Patch does the lineup of three grades.

  • Wood vinegar Detox Patch series・・・Wood vinegar is a raw material.
  • Bamboo vinegar Detox Patch series・・・Bamboo vinegarr is a raw material.
  • Detox Patch series・・・・Bamboo vinegarr:Wood vinegar=1:1 mixture raw material.

Wood vinegar Detox Patch series

Wood vinegar Detox Patch series

These Detox Patch are made from wood vinegar, a byproduct extracted during charcoal production. By using wood vinegar, also called mokusaku-eki or mokusu-eki, we can offer these Detox Patch at more affordable prices. Wood vinegar Detox Patch tend to have stronger odor and lower effectiveness than bamboo vinegar Detox Patch. With our proprietary technology, however, we developed wood vinegar Detox Patch with low-odor and high-effectiveness. Despite the modest prices, the effectiveness of these Detox Patch is higher than that of many Detox Patch sold today. Since these wood vinegar Detox Patch absorb less moisture than our other Detox Patch, we recommend these for people who find our other Detox Patch get too wet.

Bamboo vinegar Detox Patch series

Bamboo vinegar Detox Patch series

These Detox Patch are made from bamboo vinegar, a byproduct extracted during bamboo charcoal production. Our bamboo vinegar Detox Patch were developed to achieve the highest possible effectiveness. Bamboo vinegar is also called chikusaku-eki or chikusu-eki. Tikusaku is a material that is more expensive than Mokusaku.If manufactured using the same process and same amount of ingredients, bamboo vinegar Detox Patch tend to have less odor and higher effectiveness than wood vinegar Detox Patch. We developed these bamboo vinegar Detox Patch with the highest possible effectiveness for people who seek the ultimate satisfaction. If you are seeking the ultimate satisfaction, enjoy the high effectiveness and low odor of our bamboo vinegar Detox Patch.

Detox Patch series

Detox Patch series

These Detox Patch are made from equal amounts of bamboo and wood vinegar.Our company becomes the middle grade. The performance is the middle of the Wood vinegar Detox Patch series and the Bamboo vinegar Detox Patch series.

These Detox Patch are for people who find our wood vinegar Detox Patch are not satisfactory but our bamboo vinegar Detox Patch get too wet.